Assurance wireless brought to you by Virgin

Are you worried about your rising work stress and your low budget that cannot meet the high prices of communication? I am sure you must be getting exhausted and fatigued while trying to meet all these needs of living. Worry no more, because Assurance Wireless can solve your problems. This service is brought to you by Virgin, one of the best known networking companies in United States. This new offer is made typically for people like you, the same people who are getting sick of the high price of phone services. Fortunately, Assurance Wireless has made it too easy for you to get a very handy and cheap landline. Assurance Wireless is available for people who are part of a few government services such as Medicaid/ Medico or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). There are other criteria that Assurance covers as well, such as low income limits, high number of people in given household, and people sharing a single household. This landline is non-transferrable and all these limits, restrictions and rules are for your benefits and comforts only. 

Assurance Wireless landlines provide you 250 text messages and 250 free minutes just at $20. Additionally, there are other package plans reaching to as much as $500. It entirely depends on what you desire and what your budget can cover. You select for yourself how often you use your phone and which package best suits your needs. Assurance Wireless services are spread out nationwide, with the exception of a few states. To find out which areas are covered by Assurance, feel free to log on to our website at You can also visit our website to answer any questions ou may have related to your needs. Don’t forget to download the Assurance Wireless application from our website, so support can be a button press away. Lastly, you can call us for further customer support and general questions at our number at 1-888-321-5880.

The wireless landlines are strictly non-transferable, so if you are going to change your address, then make sure to call this number 1-888-321-5880 to register your new one. Assurance Wireless can be installed at your permanent address easily. Our website has many other uses as well such as detailed information about our services, offers, and product info. There are millions of people benefiting from our amazing service, so don’t waste your time and hard earned money on other disastrous wireless landline services. Switch to Assurance Wireless landline connections and you’ll be glad you did. For more information on Assurance Wireless please check out‎ .


The Assurance Wireless by Virgin

Selecting a network is a difficult task because once a landline is installed and a permanent number is established, then it stays with you for a long period of time. That one number is registered to everyone in the household, so selecting a bad network would be clearly undesirable. Terrible networks can often times be very expensive and inflexible, as changing a number may result in the loss of your contacts, making it extremely difficult to stay in touch with your friends and family. You can easily avoid this kind of trouble by selecting the best wireless landline connection for yourself and your family. That’s where Assurance Wireless comes in. This particular landline connection is by Virgin, which is one of the most reliable phone services that millions of people already use. Many current customers are satisfied because Assurance Wireless does not force long bills and heavy charges for calling and texting. Assurance Wireless provides for reasonable and cheap packages, including 250 text messages and 250 free minutes at only $20. There are various other packages in which you can buy more numbers of text messages and more minutes. This all depends on your budget and needs. At Assurance Wireless, you spend only what you need. 

There are detailed discussions available on our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on our website Here, you can get answers to all of your questions as well as find more information regarding our policies. Assurance Wireless’s network covers nationwide, with the exception of a few states. Again, be sure to check on our website to see if your area is covered. There is certain criterion that must be met before Assurance Wireless services can be provided. In order to qualify, the household must be low income and the phone service only applies to one per household. Additionally, if there are multiple tenants sharing the home such as a paying guest, the service can still cover them. The wireless landline is non-transferrable, but there are support services available where you can inform and register your new address. While these rules may seem strict, many still qualify for Assurance Wireless. The service is unmatched and at the low rate of cost, it’s no wonder why thousands benefit from their services. Don’t be forced to suffer with your current, inconvenient phone service. Switch to Assurance Wireless and know that you and your family will be covered.

American Phone Subsidies for Low Income Families

The United States government has decided to give US phone subsidies to many poor people living in the lower incomes. This was done so that common goods and services could be provided for the less fortunate at a much lower cost. These subsidies can allow for low income people to have great quality service and products such as household landlines and iPhones. This article will focus on how government subsidies make for providing for the poor possible. 

The US phone subsidies are given to telecommunication companies like Safelink Wireless and Assurance Wireless. The latter is provided by Virgin Mobile service and is one of the top phone companies because of its amazing services, network coverage, and quality. These are all telecommunication companies that provide amazing discounts to the lower income people. These companies are supported greatly by the United States government, since it is the government that pours in the money in order to subsidize. These subsidies make sure that poor people can get to use all the service that higher class people usually enjoy.

There are some strict rules of qualification made by the government in order to ensure that their subsidies are reaching the right people. A subsidized phone landline can only be in one household at a given time. This helps cut down on costs for the government and can ensure that an entire family benefits from one service. The problem of billing is removed as there is no fixed billing rate for these special, subsidized wireless phone companies. People can now purchase individual, personalized service packages that fit their needs. These packages often cover text messaging and calling minutes under one low price. This ensures that they are paying for what they use and want, nothing more. US phone subsidies are great and if you truly fall in the poor income bracket, you should go for it because communication is important in today’s world of technology use and generally connectivity. Government subsidization of vital products and services such as phones is key in aiding the common person. It is in the best interest for the United States government to provide services such as these in order to maintain unity across the nation. Because by increasing a sense of cohesiveness, America can be made stronger in the long term. If the people can get what they need, then they can in turn make sure the country can get what it needs. If you wish to learn more about phone services please visit

What’s a Phone Subsidy?

Not everyone knows what a subsidy is.  A subsidy is money given to help others. This is often in the form of money added to services or items so that the less financially fortunate can still have access to them. For example, a steel mill could subsidize food for its employees. This could mean food normally costs $10, but with a subsidy, it is not $5. The employee has to pay only $5 because the rest of the money is paid by the additionally money added from the subsidy. This money is often provided paid by the government to facilitate the services for the citizens. However, subsidies are given generally to all of the citizens in some cases and in other cases subsidies are specifically for poor people. There are many services and facilities that cannot afforded by a low income. It is by this reality that the United States government believes in providing equal services and so subsidizes these services.

Subsidies apply to phone services in the United States as well. This is because of the higher prices of cell phones are often times unaffordable to people with a small budget. These subsidies mean that the government provides money to phone companies so that cell phones can be bought by poor people with reliable services at a slightly lesser price. For instance, they cannot afford higher prices like the iPhone 5, which is normally priced at $600, but with the subsidies, the price is lowered to $400. As seen here, subsidies, if used correctly, can benefit the less fortunate.

The US phone subsidies not only apply to cell phones but also to various phone services such as Assurance Wireless and Safelink Wireless. These companies get money from the US government and then provide lower income people with great, cheap, and amazing service packages. These packages often cover text messages and calling minutes at very manageable prices.  There are some restrictions placed on these services as this sort of phone landlines can only be provided for one household at a time. While the subsidizing programs may have their share of faults, it is quite evident just how beneficially they are on the whole. By providing  cheap and accessible ways to have these high quality services, the less financially fortunate can still enjoy the many products and quality of life that many upper-class people enjoy as well. Visit  and learn more today about the phone services available to you.

US Phone Subsidies

Subsidies are for people living on a low income who cannot afford a comfortable living. However in many places and in many countries, subsidies are given to anything. For instance, in Pakistan there is a subsidy on wheat and everyone gets wheat at very cheap prices. This is a reflection of the many applications of subsidies. Often times, the government will pour in money in a particular service so that the less fortunate and poorer classes of people can still have the benefits of the said service. This is no different than phone services. 

There is always something we can do for those living on a small budget. While you cannot eliminate any issue from its root, especially an issue as big as this, you can still try to improve the situation by eliminating some of the causes. As such, the United States government has taken various steps to improve upon the service of telecommunications. They subsidized cell phones for those people who could not otherwise afford them. They subsidized the telecommunication companies and motivated them to give discounts to the poor households. In order to support all of these subsidies, the United States government had to employ some rules of qualification. These rules included that one household cannot keep more than one landline for phone service and that the household must be living under a low income. This way, the government is able to provide the phone service to as many people as possible without overreaching its costs for doing so, since everyone living in the household can use this service.

The United States government believes that no one should be left behind and as such, they opened up services for the less fortunate people. This is especially apparent in the realm of telecommunications. Various companies under the direct help from the government provide additional aid and services to people living with a low income, companies such as Safelink Wireless and Assurance Wireless. If this hadn’t been done, then the social gap between the rich and poor would be even wider. The disconnection among the American people would be too great and with any nation, having strong unity is key to surviving and living peacefully. A country is only as strong as the will of the people, so it only makes sense that the country does its best to provide for the people the services needed to keep their will strong. To learn more about the phone services that are available to you please check out .

Safelink Wireless: A Budget Alternative To Expensive Providers

There is an idea in everyone’s mind that good things only come for those who can afford them. People living on a tight budget often cannot have these said good things in their lives. Fortunately, for those living on this tight budget, Safelink Wireless turns this idea on top of its own head. For those who live in a low income household and live in large groups in a household, Safelink Wireless has them covered.  Safelink Wireless is a landline company that can provide for the common people by applying effective and cheap products and services. While there are some rules in order to be eligible to use this service, there are many who qualify and enjoy the benefits of Safelink Wireless today. 

Safelink Wireless is available in most states in America, but exceptions do exist. For the exact locations that are covered by Safelink Wireless, feel free to visit the website at The limitations of Safelink Wireless include the fact that only one landline per household is allowed and that a household is bound in at low income range, since this is the target audience. However, this can still benefit an entire family or more as anyone living in given household can benefit from this service, even paying guests who are simply sharing the home. Safelink Wireless is not only cheap and reasonable, but also a great long term investment as it offers amazing monthly discounts and the service packages. You can register right away just by clicking on their website.

Safelink Wireless gives you the best offers and service packages. The monthly discounts makes it that much more delightful and beneficial to switch over. Giving up your old wireless phone service is well worth it because it is going to keep you safe throughout your continual phone usage. Safelink Wireless will take care of your needs as it is made for low income groups. By installing Safelink Wireless, you will also save yourself from paying extra money. There is no billing system; you just simply buy packages perfectly suited to your needs. These can be paid through your credit card and Paypal account. Simply put, Safelink Wireless is the best wireless phone service for low income households because it allows for personalized packages that cover texting and calling costs and lacks an initial installation cost. This ensure that in the long term, you and your household will save money. Make sure to check out to learn more about their services.

Safelink Wireless

Wireless phone communications are some of the most important parts of your life. With this fast moving and fast changing world, our needs are shifting at a whim. This makes good telephone connections nearly as important as a reliable internet connection. If you are in a business or part of an office job, then having a fast form of communication is vital. Staying connected with clients and customers is often their source of profit, so a reliable wireless provider is a must. This form of communication is the fastest increasing trend in the world as people are constantly being linked to each other by today’s technological advances. Clearly, living a daily life or working a job will be exceedingly difficult without a good wireless service. This is how people stay connected to the rest of the world and the best way to support this is by having a reliable wireless phone company such as Safelink Wireless.

Safelink Wireless, as the name implies, is the safest wireless service you can have at your home. This particular phone company promises to accompany you in your telecommunication endeavors and to help you with reliable services. Safelink Wireless provides the cheapest and most reasonable calling and text messaging prices. Safelink Wireless also provides you with monthly discounts based on the packages they provide. However, there are some rules of qualification in order to use Safelink Wireless. There may be only one wireless service per household. This can be beneficial for you as well because this way there is an increased chance for better services since Safelink Wireless landlines will not get overcrowded or face any technical problems.

To find out about the availability just check on the Safelink Wireless website at and your all of worries will be solved. Here, you can answer any questions associated with Safelink Wireless’ policies and prodcuts. You can also check which states are covered by Safelink Wireless’ services, since the website provides for all areas that support them. So what are you waiting for? Safelink Wireless is the best possible wireless phone service anyone living on a small budget could ask for. Not only does it provide for your individual, personalized needs with its flexible texting and calling packages, it also provides services for your family living in the household. Switch to Safelink Wireless today and rid yourself the troubles of other wireless phone companies’ unreasonable policies.  Check out to learn more about safelink wireless and start the service today.

Assurance Wireless by Virgin

Assurance Wireless is brought to you by one of the most trusted and loyal brands of telecommunication, Virgin. Assurance Wireless is not just any simple mobile service; it is also a great wireless connection service for low income people. This service is eligible for home landline connections only and it facilitates people with amazing and cheap packages. These packages include free text messages and free minutes for calling at a very cheap price. There are various ways to control your payment options, as you can pay at anytime and anywhere. Assurance Wireless prepaid top up cards are available at thousands of stores, so you can go to your local store and ask for one. If these stores are too much of a hassle, then perhaps going online is a more suitable alternative. Assurance Wireless has a very helpful and informative website for all of your questions and needs. Here, you can pay for your services through online payment systems such as Paypal, so paying can be done anywhere and at any time of the day. 

If you are a busy businessman, then you know how crucial it is not to waste even a second because every moment is precious. The time that is wasted is the time that could have been used more efficiently to make money. This would include not staying in contact with clients and potential customers. By not providing hourly and prompt service, your clients and customers are less likely to come back for business and will most likely tell others how unreliable your service is. Assurance Wireless can make this problem go away, thanks to their strong connection wireless connections and helpful service. Once these landlines are installed at your home, you will not face any of these network issues. We offer only one landline per household and this applies to everyone in the home including people sharing the home such as paying guests.

Our networks are spread all over the country, with the exception of a few states. To find out which states our services cover, visit our website at You can also find answers to your questions and detail information concerning our policies and services. We are currently servicing 282 million people around the country and all of these people are enjoying our very reasonable prices and great service. So stop wasting your time and money with expensive and less efficient services. Hurry and switch to Assurance Wireless.

Safelink Wireless: A Cheap Way to Save On Your Phone Bill

Do you want to remain safe from the increasing high prices of phone communication? Then Safelink Wireless is perfect for your needs. Safelink Wireless is the safest telecommunication service you can have. It is safest in every way because it mainly protects your budget and finances by not killing you with high prices and high rates of communication. One of the best parts of Safelink Wireless is that installation is free. This means the initial cost is $0, the rest of the cost comes from the additional services. This helps in keeping the overall cost down as the customer can now freely choose which service package best suits his needs. Unlike other wireless phone companies, Safelink Wireless does not force a fixed rate package that does not fit the customer’s personalized and unique needs. Additionally, the customer can also keep the LG, Samsung and many other phone brands.

Safelink Wireless networks are available all across the United States, with the exception of a few states. Be sure to check Safelink Wireless’ website at in order to ensure your state is covered. Here, you can also answer any questions concerning the company’s products and policies. Feel free to also call the customer support number located in the website.

The amazing thing about this network is the monthly discounts they offer you. Safelink Wireless looks out for you, the customer, by searching for cheap and reasonable wireless connections. Safelink Wireless provides you with free installation of the connection and no line rent, which means no extra charges! The only thing you have to pay for are the text messages and calling minutes packages. In addition to these personalized packages, Safelink Wireless offers amazing and flabbergasting monthly discounts! The benefits do not end there, as Safelink Wireless also has no billing. Needless to say, bills are the most irritating part of a phone customer’s life because they drain a source of income over long periods of time, like a financial parasite. With Safelink Wireless, you can easily get rid of this billing system by using your credit cards or online by Paypal. Clearly, Safelink Wireless is more than just a phone company, they’re your partner. And like a good partner, Safelink Wireless is there for you in your time of need. So don’t hesitate, switch to Safelink Wireless today and stop suffering from your current abusive wireless company. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.

Safelink Wireless’s Phone Service Benefits

We all seek to be safe, no matter what in our lives. Safety can mean many things, whether it is emotional, physical or financial spectrums, you just want to remain safe in all the areas of your life. Safety is comfort and satisfaction, knowing you can go on with your life and not worry something or someone could be taken away from you at a moment’s notice. The same goes for communicating through the phone. Being such a vital part of all of our lives, it is essential to have a safe way to talk to others over the phone without having this right exploited or taken away. In order to ensure safety in all of these areas, security measures must be taken. For all of your communication safety concerns, there’s Safelink Wireless.

When it comes to the security related to telecommunication landline services there is nothing more secure and safer than Safelink Wireless. It’s not just a landline, it’s also a lifeline. Safelink Wireless is a landline wireless connection which provides you with very reasonable prices and reliable connections. This service applies once per household, enough to keep an entire family secured. Safelink Wireless also provides you with surprising and astonishing discounts every month of the year. For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Safelink Wireless’ customer support number or, for those without the time for lengthy phone calls, company website.

Safelink Wireless services are a step ahead over all other wireless network connections currently available. This is due to the fact that Safelink Wireless covers your personalized needs, whereas the other network companies do not believe in giving or offering you what you want as they believe in providing just enough for a quick profit. Safelink does not believe in leaving their customers unsatisfied and will go through great lengths to ensure they are happy. Simply put, you will not find a more caring and amazing telecommunications company on the market today. As stated before, Safelink Wireless believes in giving a lifeline rather than a landline. They wish to support you and your family, accompanying you in your journey of life. With such a keen and thorough study about their customers and with such a caring attitude, Safelink Wireless landline will never become a pain for you like other phone companies. They will make sure to solve all of your problems and that you are not facing any problems related to telecommunications.